Camelotta Advisors

We craft unique, customized financial strategies for each client that support their life goals, not the other way around.

Comprehensive, solution-oriented financial advice from the same side of the table

At Camelotta, we are committed to providing comprehensive financial advice to high net worth individuals and families. We accomplish this by organizing and simplifying the process of budgeting, investing, and holding on to wealth.Our clients trust us for advice when planning for success in retirement, divorce, family legacies, and education. We identify known and unexpressed needs and wants and develop a path towards making those desires a reality.




Socially Responsible Investment Management

We provide a low fee indexed asset allocation approach engineered to perform while decarbonizing your portfolio. We employ allocation strategies that have a demonstrably lower exposure to companies with negative carbon impacts.


Unique, Customized Financial Planning

We craft a unique, customized financial strategy as a living document that prescribes an investment strategy, a career strategy, and supports your life goals…whatever they may be.


Accessible & Open-Minded Financial Consulting

Clients hire us not only for our accessibility; but they also hire us because they can off-load complexity and uncertainty onto our shoulders